My Neighbor Did WHAT?! | Campground Rules And Etiquette

Check out the video first!

When you live in an RV, things are a little different…

Where other people come and spend their weekends is your temporary neighborhood. Your site in that campground is your yard. That’s your little plot of home. So, when people inevitably break the rules of that campground, it often infringes on your home, your comforts, your privacy, or your rights as a human – like having your personal belongings messed with.

So let me tell you a story…

I was getting ready one hot desert morning in a quaint campground just north of L.A. when I looked outside and saw that my campsite had been tampered with. My picnic table and my attached mountain bikes had been moved about ten feet towards my RV. I also saw tire tracks running beside my RV, all the way up to my front door, and through the entire right side of my site. I was heated.

Earlier that morning I saw that my neighbor (on the side of my site with the tire tracks) had a visitor with a truck. My neighbor also had previously had a trailer in front of his RV. The neighbor and trailer were now gone, as well as the visitor with the truck. I put two and two together.

So APPARENTLY my neighbor seemed to think that it was somehow okay to 1. ENTER my site without my permission, 2. TOUCH my belongings, 3. MOVE my belongings, 4. NOT return them to the original place after moving them for whatever reason, and 5. NOT apologize for his actions. All this happened while (I KNOW) he saw me going in and out of my RV all morning – as he waved hello earlier in the morning – so he knew I was home and STILL didn’t care to act like a POLITE, CONSIDERATE person and ask if he could access my site to move his trailer (even though it was completely unnecessary, as the trailer was at the front of his site facing the road).

Can you tell I’m still upset about this incident? Yeah, I am. Every time something like this happens, I find myself amazed at how inconsiderate and rude people can be. And the funny thing is, I haven’t been to a campground yet where something to this affect HASN’T happened. Maybe people don’t know any better, maybe their parents didn’t teach them how to be considerate of others, but considering that MOST RVers are 40+, you’d think they would have learned by now!

So I decided to put a short, simple list of rules together for people who ever stay in a campground:

  1. Don’t go into other people’s sites! Don’t walk through them, don’t litter in them, don’t yell through them, don’t park on them. Just stay in your site and on the public areas of the campground.
  2. Don’t EVER touch other people’s things without their express permission. You don’t own it? Don’t touch it. Would you want someone to touch your things? No? Then don’t touch theirs.
  3. Keep it down. No one wants people yelling back and forth all the time, disturbing the peace, being rowdy. If you want that, go to a club; don’t disturb others’ peace and quiet. And most of all – OBEY the campground’s QUIET TIME hours! No one wants to be kept up all hours of the night. Tacking onto that, if you get into a park after quiet time hours have started, wait to set up camp until morning!
  4. Don’t be trashy. Trash floating around never looks good, it makes things smell, and it attracts wild animals and insects that can invade other people’s camps. Clean up after yourself and keep your site and public areas tidy – including the restrooms. It affects others and the whole atmosphere of the campground.
  5. Obey burn bans and firewood rules. Bringing in wood from other areas can infest trees with bugs and fungi that can kill them. No one wants a tree-less campground… or to start a wildfire, right Smokey? Just follow the rules.
  6. Follow the Golden Rule. Would you want to experience these things or come to a campground where the whole atmosphere has gone to crap because it’s dirty, loud, tree-less, and your things could get stolen or moved around? Do unto others (and the campground) that which you’d want done to you (and your home/property).

Have you experienced people doing any of these things while you’ve been camping? Let me know in the comments below!

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