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Aria’s Adventures is the way we get to share our journey with you. It’s been amazing to see the community growing! I’m so passionate about living a lifestyle of freedom and adventure, and I’m so incredibly grateful to be able to share just how Shane and I do that with all of you!

With the start of this new adventure, I’ve started putting a lot more effort into my videos and articles. I’m focusing on providing more helpful, creative, and inspiring content so that you’ll be inspired to live out your fullest potential and reach for those dreams you may have thought previously unreachable (or maybe not even dared to be dreamt of!)

I am loving making Aria’s Adventures into a fulltime job! It’s an absolute dream! My hope is that the content I’m creating is helpful, informative, or entertaining! It takes a lot of time, money, and effort to produce all of our videos and articles, but I love every second of it! The website and Aria’s Adventures YouTube Channel is free to enjoy, but our operating costs are not. In saying that, we are so incredibly appreciative of your support, however you choose to give it!

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