How We Get Mail While Traveling

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A few things are made complicated by living life on the road…

For instance, where do you domicile (have your “home address”) for legal purposes, have your insurance “primary location,” or get mail? There’s a lot that goes into planning to live (and travel) in an RV full time. This is just one of those things, and thankfully, it’s getting easier to legally live as an RV gypsy.

Companies like Escapees (of which I am a member but am not sponsored by) make it the easiest it’s ever been to get all those logistics sorted out. By becoming a member, you get discounts while traveling and staying at certain RV parks. By using their domicile and mail forwarding services, getting first class mail, packages, and even magazine subscriptions is made quite simple.

Escapees domicile service gives you a physical address that you can put on your driver’s license, use for insurance, and use for anything else that requires you to have a home address. The mail forwarding service uses that address to receive all your mail. You can choose what you want to be thrown out, scanned, and sent to you depending on the level of service you purchase. For more information, you can click here.

As for receiving that mail -if you opt in for escapees- and any packages on the road, there is a completely FREE and easy service brought to you by the US Postal Service (if you live in the US). It’s a program called General Delivery.

General Delivery allows you to have your mail sent to a participating post office and held for you at that location for 7 days until you pick it up. To use this service, you just need to have the address on the package include C/O General Delivery and make sure you have your photo ID with you when you go to pick it up!

An example of a package being addressed for General Delivery pick-up would look like this:


Easy, right? There’s just one more thing I have to note:

You can get packages delivered via GENERAL DELIVERY at a US Post Office ONLY IF the package ORIGINATED FROM (was sent from) ANOTHER US POST OFFICE.

That means that USPS WILL NOT accept packages from other carriers like UPS, FedEX or DHL.


UPS does offer a general delivery service as well! That means if you have a package being sent to you via UPS, you can use a UPS location’s address and pick it up there (using the same principles described above) OR you can have the package re-routed from your current “home address” to a UPS pick-up location IF you are enrolled in the UPS MyChoice program. For more info on that, you can click here.

Life on the road for full time RVers is getting easier…

Thanks to so many more people adopting this way of life and choosing to deviate from the widely accepted “American Dream.” A recent study estimated that over 1 million Americans now live in their RV full time! With numbers like that, services like these mail options that are geared towards us nomads are going to keep expanding and growing.


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