Our Gear

The Falcon

We plan to add a lot of fun gadgets to The Falcon to be more sustainable, off-grid, and safe! Here’s a list (it’ll stay up-to-date!) of what we have so far!

Our Truck

Our 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 is pretty basic, but we have added a few things to make towing the Falcon possible!

  1. Husky 16k Fifth Wheel Hitch
  2. Our Tires

Hiking Gear

We love hiking! In a lot of cases, there’s no way to get the best view than climbing that mountain or trekking through the undergrowth to find that hidden gem of a waterfall! Take a look at the gear we’ve collected for comfortable light-weight hiking and camping!

  1. Backpacks:
    1. Aria’s: Osprey
    1. Shane’s: North Face
  2. Trekking Poles:
  3. Tent System:
    1. Tent:
  4. Sleeping Bag:
  5. Hammock System:
    1. Hammock:
    1. Hammock Fly:
    1. Straps:
  6. Hiking Shoes:
    1. Aria’s:
    1. Shane’s:
  7. .

Filming Gear

I firmly believe that you can film good quality photos and video on good quality equipment. Sure, having an awesome $1000+ camera would be great! But for frugal peeps like me, I’m fine with my iPhone 8s Plus (which I film, photo, and edit with!) until my videos pay for me to purchase that dream gear!