I’m Aria Billings. You may also see glimpses  of my husband Shane around this site and on my channel!

Just a couple short years ago we decided to make a radical move – we decided to become essentially homeless hippies (as I liked to think of us). When Shane landed this huge job opportunity that had a big asterisk on MUST TRAVEL, we jumped on our opportunity to hit the road in our first RV, a vintage 20’ travel trailer. From that 1-year adventure, we caught it. Well, at least I did… The travel bug!

Our first year of travel wasn’t quite what we expected. We ended up staying in
one spot for 6 months (due to Shane’s work) and then struggled as Shane’s job had no work lined up for the other 6 months. Due to the finances surrounding this, we unfortunately decided to throw in the towel on our RV Life dreams.

Two years later, we’re ready to jump back in with two feet and make our
dreams of being together out on the road a reality!

We never know where this
journey will take us, thanks to the spontaneity of Shane’s job, and we’re
excited to just be able to spend this adventure side-by-side, instead of
separated by thousands of miles like we were when Shane was traveling to his
jobs alone. Those days were rough!

We’ve learned through all of this what is really important, and what must
come above all else. Relationships. With God, with each other, and with family.
Spending time apart from those relationships felt all wrong, and once we
realized this, we immediately took steps to set it right. That’s when we
decided that settling down in Waco, Texas (the cutest and best little town we
never could have dreamed of would feel like home so quickly!) wasn’t the place
we were meant to be. So, we bought The Falcon (read more about that here), put
our house on the market, and got ready to hit the road as full time RVers!

I’m sharing our story in hopes of inspiring you to live outside the box, or even
in a rolling box on wheels, if you’re like us and love to travel! The world is
too big and holds too many beautiful sites and promising adventures to spend it
locked away inside a stick-and-bricks house and shackled to a mortgage!

We plan on living to the fullest; exploring, learning, wandering, dancing,
swimming, loving, and immersing ourselves in all this life has to offer us. Life’s
too short to live otherwise! With no end in sight (or else at all planned),
hang on, ‘cause this is going to be one epic (and bumpy!) ride!

Welcome to our adventure!

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Random Facts About Us

Hi! My name is Aria. My middle name is Sam. I chose my name myself! I had my name changed when I was 26.
I’m a wife to my wonderful husband, Shane, and a mom of 4 fur babies: Shyann, Sophia, Sammy, and Silo (the cat.)
We are full-time RV travelers. I consider myself a gypsy at heart.
I have a bachelor’s degree from MTSU in Psychology and Criminal Justice.
I am from Maryland, but I spent half of my life in Tennessee. I still consider Maryland my home. It ingrained in me a love of water – I don’t think I’d ever be able to live in a town long-term that wasn’t near the ocean!
I have several passions, including travel, animals, food, hiking, the beach, and (yes, I know this is weird) planning. I love planning and organizing things. It’s just who I am.
I also enjoy making videos for YouTube! You can check out my channel here!