Our RV

Meet The Millennial Falcon

Our home on wheels as we traverse the US from sea to shining sea

In May 2019 we purchased a 35’ 2010 Open Range fifth wheel with the intent on traveling part-time and renting her out as an AirBnb while we were at home. Well, plans changed quickly and now she’s our full-time home, with our Waco house moved out of and back on the market just 5 months after we bought it!

The Falcon, as we call her, is a 356 sq ft rear living luxury model with a mid-kitchen. There are 3 slides in total: one in the bedroom that houses just the queen bed and two in the main room – one for the dining set and TV/fireplace and one that houses the fridge, oven, and sofa! At 8960lbs gross weight, she can hold a whopping 3600lbs of cargo and weigh up to 12,560lbs fully loaded! She’s perfectly set up for RV living, too, especially with the winter weather package!

Want the full, in depth tour of The Falcon? Then settle in and hit the play button below! Want the technical specs? You’ll see those below!

2010 Open Range 345 RLS Layout
  • 2010 Open Range 345 RLS
  • 345 Sq Ft
  • GVWR 12560
  • *UVW 8950
  • Hitch Weight 2160
  • Axle Weight 6790
  • GAWR-All Axles 10400
  • Ext Length 34’6”
  • Ext Height 153”
  • Ext Width 100”
  • Water Heater 10 Gal Gas/Elec
  • Fresh Water 85 Gal
  • Gray Water 45 Gal
  • Black Tank 45 Gal
  • LP Gas 80
  • Furnace 35,000 BTU
  • Tire Size 16”
  • The Purchase

We purchased The Falcon in May 2019 from a local RV dealership called Gibb’s Outdoor and Recreation. We walked in looking at purchasing a fifth wheel in the $8,000 – $10,000 range, but when we walked into the Open Range, we fell in love. The floorplan, upgrades, and newness of it all had us hooked! We decided it was worth it to go over budget for something that met our needs so perfectly. And, boy! We’re glad we spent the extra money! Not too soon after, we decided to make The Falcon our home! Unfortunately, we did not have a good experience at Gibb’s and would not recommend them. All throughout the purchasing process, we felt very much disregarded and like an after-thought, less important than other buyers. We do not, however, regret the purchase of our Open Range and would buy her again!

How The Heck Do You Afford This?

We are very fortunate in that Shane’s career is set up for traveling. It is actually travel-dependent, so we do not get to decide where we’re travelling, but we are supported in travelling by his company. They choose the job locations, but they also pay for our campsite while we’re there. They also pay for our mileage to the different job locations. We still have to be frugal in our spending, but that is helped out by the fact that we won’t have a mortgage in the near future! It’s a lot easier to have freedom when you’re not living under the crushing rock that is debt! If you’d like to see how we construct our budget to support our adventurous way of living, you can see that here:

 I, Aria, am still searching for a career in which I can earn income while on the road. When I find something sustainable, apart from direct sales, I will let you know!

Supporting Purchases, Modifications, and Upcoming Renovations

When you purchase an RV, there are other costs that go along with it. From a surge protector and water hoses to tire covers and levelers!

Here’s a list of things we’ve had to (or really wanted to) purchase to get out on the road!

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  1. Surge Protector
  2. Fifth Wheel Hitch
  3. Fifth Wheel Rail Kit
  4. Collapsible Water Hose 50’
  5. 50 to 3” Dogbone
  6. Tire Covers
  7. Rug for Steps
  8. Truck Brakes (upgraded)
  9. “Sewer” Hose
  10. Leveling “Blocks”
  11. Jack Pads
  12. Unbreakable (& sustainable!) Bamboo Plates/Bowls/Cups
  13. Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

(If we add to this list, I’ll update this page accordingly!)

We’ve decided to purchase two special modifications already to support our alternate style of living: our composting Nature’s Head toilet (more to come on that!) and our memory foam mattress topper. We’ll be making more adjustments in the future, so stay tuned!

As for renovations, we do not like the traditional style that is 2010s RV chic, so we’ll be transforming The Falcon into a beach-style cottage! We’ll be filming many videos on that and writing about the process in detail on the blog, so keep an eye out for that series, starting Summer 2019!