Basic Budgeting For Beginners Budgeting is a critical skill to learn. So critical, in fact, that it is lost on me how and why it is not taught within the public education system. It's also a skill that is hardly ever taught by parents to their children, yet nearly all children are raised seeing their parents struggle with … Continue reading Basic Budgeting For Beginners

Minimalism + Ethical and Sustainable Living


It all started when I decided to move away from my home state and head to Florida with my soon-to-be husband. With no money for a UHAUL, we packed up everything that we absolutely needed into our car and left everything else to a thrift store. That. Was. Scary. Taking the first leap into minimalism … Continue reading Minimalism + Ethical and Sustainable Living

Free Camping – Sand Dunes/Rocky Mtn NP Trip Have you watched the video? Free Camping... is our favorite way to camp. Well, resort camping comes close BUT you can't beat being the only ones in a mile radius of your campsite! The solitude, the quiet, the privacy, and often - the incredible views are too good to pass up. Not to mention … Continue reading Free Camping – Sand Dunes/Rocky Mtn NP Trip

First Road Trip in the Falcon – Texas to New Jersey

Setting out on the road has always been a bit... anxiety-inducing for me. Traffic isn't one of my favorite things, and when you add the potential for all that could go wrong when towing a heavy trailer- well, let's just say that sometimes I find myself grinding my teeth and biting my nails.. Towing such … Continue reading First Road Trip in the Falcon – Texas to New Jersey